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In order to continue booking, please read through Frequently Asked Questions and Venue rules. If you agree to the rules, click Book at the bottom to continue booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1.  A 50% reservation retainer is required to reserve your date and time block. For example, if you choose option DIY ($995), your booking deposit will be $500.  Once booked, we do not offer your date or time to anyone else. Therefore, all payments are nonrefundable. Please be sure of your event before sending a retainer.


2.  FEES:

(Refundable):  A $200 Security/damage retainer (for Posh Venue I) or a $300 Security retainer (for Posh II) is due prior to your event.  It is returned up to 7 days after your event provided the cleaning rules are followed, your event does not go over time, there are no damages to the space and venue items, and there are no violations to the venue policies.  *Note, read the contract for any damages greater than the security retainer.   


(Non-refundable): You are responsible for cleaning after your event (unless it is included in your package), or you may purchase cleaning services at the rate of $250 for PVII and $150 for PVI.  All events require a sanitation/disinfecting fee $75 and for evening events (only), an admin or security guard fee of $100 is added. 


*Extra fee for events on holidays/holiday weekends


3.  Refunds:  All payments (except for the Security/damage deposit) are nonrefundable. We DO NOT offer refunds so please be sure before sending any payments. However, we offer rescheduling options.  Please review contract for Event Cancellations and Rescheduling options.


4. Venue rentals includes 6.5-hours TOTAL (includes setup/decorating, event time, and cleanup time). The chairs and tables will be set up for you. If you purchased an all-inclusive option, the venue will be decorated for you prior to your event time. Each extra hours is $150 for Posh Venue I and $200 for Posh Venue II.  If your event extends over 6.5 hours, you will be charged $150 per extra hour for Posh I and $200 extra per hour for Posh II.

5. Please inquire about the availability of extra time prior to booking--as this is not guaranteed (especially on Saturdays).  

6.  A driver's license or valid ID is required on file for all bookings to ensure that we can confirm the person booking the venue and assign responsibility for care of the venue and guests during the event. A credit card may also be required to cover incidentals.


7.  Event host is liable for the behavior of all vendors working in the space. Vendors (Party planners, decorators, caterers) must be informed of the 6.5-hour venue rental (which includes setup time, event time, and clean up time). Discuss with your party planners/decorators how much time is needed prior to booking.


8. All event rentals must be delivered during and picked up by the end of your 6.5-hour block. It cannot be left inside the venue or anywhere on the exterior of the venue.

9.  Our venue is be monitored (video/audio) by security cameras.  The purpose is to monitor activities when a Posh Venue staff member is not present, to ensure guest compliance to rules, and as a record should issues occur (such as damage). In addition, a Posh Venue associate may be present during the event to ensure compliance to event rules.  The associate will not interfere with the event but will communicate information to the host as needed. We respect our clients and require the same to all staff/security personnel. We reserve the right to end an event (without a refund) should we feel that the behavior of the host and/or its guests are disruptive and/or violating terms of use of space. 

See the virtual tour on the website and visit the Instagram and Facebook sites for additional pictures of the venue.  We also have Open Houses, weekly. Drop by and take a tour! Feel free to call us (770.322.4994) with questions or to provide clarity prior to booking.  


•  Posh Venue reserves the right to use images and videos of your event. 


If you consent and agree with all of the above information, click the link to begin the booking process.

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